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Upload Your Vendor Photos With Ease

Posted by Rick Caldwell on Apr 11, 2016 3:59:34 PM

We are introducing an updated vendor photo upload interface as part of the April Feature release, scheduled for the end of this month. The new interface will include an option will make it incredibly easy to upload multiple photos at one time. Since we know that millennials crave photo content, we need to get your new photos ready. We will give you a sneak preview of this exciting and highly-anticipated feature.  

Finding the new photo upload feature starts with going to a familiar place in your vendor account. Using your vendor account, you need to go to the Photos and Videos tab. Then, click the "Add Image(s)" button.


We did not get rid of the Single Photo Upload feature for those who still desire to use it. However, we strong encourage you the Multiple Photo Upload instead. It will save you a lot of time. 


With the Multiple Photo Upload, you will be able to select multiple photos your computer at once.


You will be able to preview all the photos that you have selected for upload. The file size limitation for each photo will increase to 4 MB (megabytes). We will continue to support JPG, GIF, and PNG file formats. As long as the photo satisfies the file size and file format requirements, it will be eligible for upload.


We will show real-time progress as the photos upload to your profile. This is especially handy if you are uploading a large set of photos as it may take a few minutes to complete.


Need more guidance with your profile's primary thumbnail photo? We will include a photo cropping tool to help you resize your primary thumbnail photo accordingly. Resize and position your photo content in the bounding box; the box defines the boundaries of the thumbnail photo.

By default the first photo in your gallery will be the primary photo; however, you can designate any photo as the primary photo by clicking the link "Make Cover" Once you click he link, then the cropping editor will appear.


In closing, photos are the top media content for millennials. Therefore, we want you to win big when comes to creating a stellar representation of your business on Get your photos ready. If you have any questions and comments, please use the comment form below.




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