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New Photo Feeds Feature

Posted by Rick Caldwell on Aug 12, 2016 2:48:58 PM

We know that millennials love photos. Therefore, we recently launched a new photo feed feature to help drive more customers to your business profile. We are collecting the highest qualities photos among the thousands of photos currently showcased within the online profiles, Head Over Heels Wedding Blog, and photo galleries and displaying them on the homepage. Yes, we are starting with the homepage, but future site updates will place the feed on other high-traffic pages on the website.

Why should you care about this feature? Well, imagine getting a free ad that directs potential customers to you. Then, imagine each photo on your profile representing free ad opportunities to attract potential clients. However, you do not have to imagine this. You can take full advantage of the investment that you have made in quality photo content today. The photo feed showcases your best photo content in your profile and essentially becomes your content marketer.


To be considered for the photo feed you must satisfy the following criteria:

1. You MUST be a paid advertiser;
2. You MUST have recent, high-quality photos (we will elaborate on this momentarily) on your profile.

We will ONLY include quality photos from our paid advertisers in the feed. We have a team dedicated team who curates the photos regularly. Their job is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, it is good for you to understand the criteria so that you get your "free ads". High-quality photos need to include the following:

1. Your photo should be large (preferably at least 500 pixels wide);
2. Your photo should avoid the use of watermarks whenever possible;
3. Your photo should have good lighting
4. Your photo should clearly showcase wedding-related products and/or services.
5. Your photo should represent current styles and trends


Here are some additional items to consider. Photos with titles and descriptions will be more meaningful to potential clients. Therefore, adding these details to each photo is imperative. Secondly, given the layout of the feed, portrait orientation photos will be a better choice.

How are the selected photos sorted in the feed? Congratulations, your photos have successfully made the cut; nonetheless, not all photos are treated equally. When sorting the feed, we give preference to the highest paid advertiser levels (Premium to Silver) with the most number of customer reviews. Yes, this is yet another feature that incentives wedding professionals for their reviews. Remember that we mentioned the source of the feed - vendor profile photos, Head Over Heels Wedding Blog, and photo galleries. Well, regardless of how many photos we add from other sources, we will always include a vendor photo in every sixth position.

Do you think your photos will pass the test? If the answer is yes, then sit back and relax. Our team will eventually include your photos in the feed. Our team's discretion will govern the total number of your pictures that will be incorporated. If the answer is no, then you have an excellent opportunity for you. You have the chance to upload quality photos. A few months ago, we added a multiple upload feature to the vendor profile administration. With the multiple upload function, you can add new photos to your profile with ease.

This is a great opportunity for our paid advertisers, and we want to make that you take full advantage of this feature. Review your business profile today. Looks at your photos and reviews. Have uploaded new photos recently? Do your photos have titles and description? Do you have reviews? You should only be satisfied with a resounding "Yes" to these questions. You made the investment in Perfect Wedding Guide; make sure you are availing all the benefits.

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