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How Reviews Will Give Paid Advertisers More Exposure - Part 1

Posted by Rick Caldwell on Jun 6, 2016 12:20:21 PM


We just released a new feature for the paid advertisers, and it gives paid advertisers with reviews more exposure on the website. How does it work?

When a website visitor goes to any free listing business profile, there is a "You May Also Like These Vendors" feature that appears on the page. This feature suggests other paid advertisers with reviews in the same service category (i.e. Photographers, DJs, etc.). There are three slots available for Premium, Platinum, and Gold listing levels. Premium listings will appear in the first slot, Platinum listings appear in the second slot, and Gold listings will appear in the last slot. Only one position is available for each listing level. However, the suggested listing will only appear if they have the most reviews within the listing level (i.e. Premium, Platinum, and Gold).

In the example below, each of the following advertisers have the most reviews in their respective listing levels:

Luxe Studios LLC (Premium)
Nichols and Company Photography (Platinum)
38 Films (Gold)

Ultimately, this new feature gives paid advertisers more exposure within every free listing profile.

If you are a paid advertiser, you need to take full advantage of this prime advertising real estate by getting the most reviews.


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