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April Feature Release Preview

Posted by Rick Caldwell on Mar 28, 2016 2:22:33 PM

We are excited to announce a major update in our upcoming April Feature Release. We are giving your business profile a makeover. In anticipation of this release towards latter half of April, we want to give you an example and a brief overview of some of the new features.


The updated design will focus on three core areas:

(1) Photos. We will prominently place your photos at the top with our new carousel feature. The carousel will let users quickly scroll through the photos with ease. Photos are the number one media resource that your customers are seeking on your business profile.

(2) Review. 92% of consumers are looking for reviews as well. Therefore, we want to make sure that they are easier to find by moving the rating details to the top of the page below the photos.

(3) Contact Form. Having a clear call-to-action is the difference between getting results and missing opportunities. The contact form will now appear on your business profile. It will even follow the users as they scroll down the page.

We are also updating the photo gallery page to improve the usability and Search Engine Optimization. This new layout will allow the users to see all your photos at a glance. 

We also want to substantiate a rumor about a new multiple photo upload feature in the works. The rumors are true. We are working on a new photo upload feature to make it easier to upload multiple photos on your business profile. It will be included in the April release. 


The user will also be able to click on each photo to see a larger version.


So what do you need to do to prepare for the April release? The answer is simple. Please ensure that you do a thorough review of your business profile. Consider this to be your "Spring cleaning" exercise. Are your reviews, photos, contact details, etc. up-to-date? 

We will share details about the April release very soon.

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