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2016 Preferred Vendor Badges Are Here

Posted by Rick Caldwell on Mar 11, 2016 8:17:59 PM


We are excited to announce that the 2016 preferred vendor badges are now available for qualified PWG advertisers. The preferred vendor badges are awarded to advertisers who acquire three positive reviews, with three stars or better, in a calendar year.

The preferred vendor badge will appear on your business profile page immediately after you achieve the goal of three positive reviews.

You can download the badge code in your vendor account under the new Badges section. Place the badge code on your website to let your customers know that you take your online reputation seriously.

Login to your vendor account using


What is the big deal with online reviews and why should you care? A 2015 consumer study by BrightLocal revealed the following:

Finding: 92% of consumers use online reviews when evaluating a local business.
Application: Businesses that make review acquisition a priority will make money; those that do not will inevitably lose money.

Finding: The overall rating, the number of reviews, and the sentiment of the reviews are the three most important factors to consumers.
Application: Most consumers focus on the big picture. Do you have a good overall online reputation? A mishap here and there is not an automatic death sentence. The more reviews you have that contribute to that positive picture of your business the better.

Finding: 88% of consumers form an opinion about a local business after they read no more than 10 reviews.
Application: Being content with no reviews or a few reviews on your business profile gives consumers a "green light" to pick your competition. Nonetheless, do not make 10 reviews your goal for life as the number of reviews is an important consideration for consumers. You need to strive to have more reviews than your competition.

We are sharing these insights with you because we want you to be successful and make more money.

Are you ready to get your 2016 preferred vendor badge?

Then do not delay. Contact your past customers and ask them to add a review on your Perfect Wedding Guide business profile. In fact, we even have a tool in your vendor account for sending out review requests. Simply, login to your vendor account and select the Reviews tab followed by Review Request tab below. Use the form to send out an email to your past customers.

In order to motivate you, we will send you periodic email notifications reminding you to get more reviews with tips for review acquisition.

Already added the new 2016 preferred vendor badge on your website? 

Then, send us a quick email letting know that you have added the badge to your website. Share your achievement on social media. We may decide to feature your business on



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